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Rune-Tips is proud to be home to the first and most detailed guide to the exclusive secrets of Grand Exchange Investing ever, as well as the official ExchangeWatch program - revealing the most profitable items to everyone.

We are also home to the first and only RuneScape community centered on moneymaking, specifically through the Grand Exchange (merchanting and investing). Use the Rune-Tips forums to discuss merchanting techniques, share "hot items" (and check out those posted by others), and more. Join today, we're open for all!

Rune-Tips News & Announcements

Rune-Tips Veterans - Mar. 7, 2010 by Merchant

Due to popular request, I have established a special sub-forum in the Grand Exchange section of the Rune-Tips forums especially for hand-selected members who have shown themselves to be experienced merchants only - this will provide a location for the discussion of advanced merchanting items and tactics.

To gain Veteran clearance (and the rank that comes with it), you must be active and helpful in the Grand Exchange section (and the forums as a whole) and show yourself to be experienced and successful as a merchant. You must be nominated for Veteran status by an existing Veteran, and 60% of the current Veteran roster must confirm your induction.

Launch Update! - Dec. 21, 2009 by Merchant

Wow, Rune-Tips has received over 10,000 pageviews in only three days! This, obviously, puts me under pressure to get even more great content up for you to enjoy. Thanks to everyone who has submitted guides so far, you're all in the running for a free month of membership!

Do you own a RuneScape fansite or forum? Rune-Tips is currently accepting applications for partnership, feel free to send me an email! Finally, if you have a guide to submit or an idea for content, contact me and you might see your ideas in action!

Site Launch - Dec. 17, 2009 by Merchant

Welcome to the premier of, the next huge RuneScape resource! I am still actively adding guides to the site (probably as you read this!), so don't be alarmed if you find pages under construction.

My BETA testers and I have done out best to ensure that all bugs and issues have been taken care of, but please feel free to submit a bug report form on the Contact page if you find any issues with the site.

Upcoming Forums & Guide Contest - Dec. 17

For all of you who have been asking, the Rune-Tips Forums will be launching in several weeks - stay tuned for details!

Rune-Tips will hold various contests every few weeks, all with fantastic prizes! To celebrate the launch of, anybody who submits a guide to be published will be entered in the first contest. When the contest ends, an email containing a secret URL and password will be sent out to all the contributers - the first one to act on it will claim the prize of a free month of RuneScape membership. So send in your guides today!

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